If you have an Oculus Quest and haven't played Gorilla Tag yet, you should. Download and play this free game right now. While it may not appear to be much, Gorilla Tag is simply a game of tag between gorillas. Gorilla Tag is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of climbing and swinging from branches to escape being tagged. Players will notice that there are no various gorilla skins available in the game. Fortunately, modders have solved the problem by themselves.

Quest Patcher is a game utility software developed by Lauriethefish. It works as a GUI-based mod installer for any il2cpp unity app on the Oculus Quest that runs on Windows. This app is free to download and uses Sc2ad's Questloader for loading mods. It is also based mainly on RedBrumbler's CLI Tool. Quest Patcher is a helpful tool for Gorilla Tag players. Using it, you can easily patch and add mods to your game. The process is easy, although knowledge of using mods can come in handy.

For modding Gorilla Tag, Quest Patcher was built. This allows you to download, update, and uninstall mods for the popular virtual reality game. However, the program is only compatible with Windows 10. Other versions can be installed, but full functionality is not ensured.


Current Version Details
Last Update -Mar 2, 2022
OS -Windows
License -100% Free
Size -24mb
Downloads -23 647
Developer -Lauriethefish

How to install

Here is a complete guide on how you can install latest version of Quest Patcher on your android device. Quest Patcher is simple to set up.


1. Click the download button below.

2. Once your download process is completed, open your downloads folder, and double-click the installer.

3. A prompt will open when running Quest Patcher. It is a false positive. You can press More info and then Run anyway.

4.Choose whether to install for all users or only for me, and then click Next. Hit Yes if an admin prompt appears.

5. Then, accept the license agreement, press next, press next again and finally press install.

6. To open Quest Patcher, wait until the installation is complete, press next, and finish.


Download Quest Patcher

Go ahead and download the latest version of Quest Patcher and make your gameplay an intresting one.


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